Best Characteristics of Favorite Genre

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October 5 question – What do you consider the best characteristics of your favorite genre?


Remember, the question is optional!

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For now, I am not writing my work-in-progress in any of my favorite genres for reading. I’m not sure what my favorite genre for writing is.

I guess my favorite genre for reading would be the Christian supernatural thriller, like Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker.

I’ve sometimes started to map out a Christian supernatural thriller. I’m a hardcore plotter. I have not really ever completed an outline or really got very far into writing the first draft in this genre.

What do I like about this genre? What do I consider its best characteristics? I like the way events in the plot are revealed from multiple dimensions. The reader has access to see how the situations are being manipulated by antagonists who are concealed behind the scenes. Those spiritual antagonists are always there in every story and every reality but this genre is one where the veil is pulled back and the reader is able to witness the strategizing going on to oppose the protagonist’s progression toward the resolution.

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9 thoughts on “Best Characteristics of Favorite Genre

  1. I haven’t read any Christian thrillers, but I’ve seen movies/ series use this genre and I’ve been intrigued. I can’t wait to read your material. Thank you for sharing this 😀

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